I actually really like this ad campaign.

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north is growing so fast


north is growing so fast

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Hair color reference chart. It’s not perfect, but from what I could gather it’s pretty accurate.

dont let the fanfic writers see this

You forgot titian.

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#Lydia #Now I know what Stiles meant when he referred to lydia as a strawberry blond


if i lay here

if i just lay here

would you get me my charger because my laptop is about to die

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when relatives are coming over and they start talking to you and you act like you know who they are but in reality you’re like


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Brooke Davis Appreciation Week » Day 3: Favorite Season
I realize I let company matter too much. You know, we spend all this time building something up, And then we don’t enjoy it. We just sit there, terrified that someone is gonna take it away from us.

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You won’t be able to see it, but you’ll feel it every day for the rest of your lives. It’ll be a kind of a darkness around your heart.
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